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Massage and acupressure are powerful tools for balancing and regulating the entire body, thus helping to facilitate healing and to prevent disease. At Fairhaven Massage & Therapy Center in Bellingham, we provide a quiet, relaxed, caring atmosphere to help your body drift into the deep healing it needs.
It nourishes, relaxes, and increases feelings of well-being. Since our opening in 1976, we have worked with people of all ages with a great variety of physical and mental needs. We have also continually expanding our knowledge and skills to study with advanced practitioners of many different therapies, and studies and related areas. These include anatomy, exercise, yoga, self-care, nutrition, counseling, traditional Chinese medicine, and sports massage.

Relaxation Massage

Also known as Swedish Massage. Deep relaxation for your body and mind. Relieve muscle tension, increase well-being, and improve circulation and flexibility.

Medical Massage

Aids in recovery from soft tissue damage and dysfunction, helping you get back to work and other normal activities faster.

Sports Massage

Ease soreness from overused muscles, help injuries heal quicker, improve performance, and prevent future injuries.

Myofascial Release Work

Also known as Deep Tissue Massage. Alleviate chronic tension, improve your posture, enhance performance, and increase your mental and physical awareness.

Jin Shin Do Acupressure

Release pain or chronic tension, relieve stress and trauma-related problems, balance your Qi(energy), and improve vitality.

About Fairhaven Massage & Therapy Center

Fairhaven Massage & Therapy Center in Bellingham, WA was founded in 1976 by Cheryl Hockett-Prelle. William and Cheryl met in 1985 and William soon joined her in doing massage therapy and teaching at FMTC. Since its earliest beginnings, they have been combining their love of people with their passion for healing the body on a holistic level. They are study techniques from all over the world to create the most beneficial healing for their clients.

Since they opened, they've welcomed Leah Clark into their massage & therapy center. Leah runs her own massage therapy business called A Touch of Wellness within Fairhaven Massage. Leah graduated from Brenneke School of Massage with her Expanded Professional Massage License in 1999. Her training specialized in the treatment of injury and rehabilitation in a hospital-based setting.

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Cheryl H. Prelle, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Bachelor of Arts, Social Services U of OR

Cheryl founded Fairhaven School of Massage in 1976, and has been a massage and accupressure therapist since 1976, and a massage instructor since 1978. She brings an extensive knowledge of yoga, nutrition, and proper self-care into her massage work. She is an authorized Jin Shin Do Acupressure teacher and has done several post-graduate studies in Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, and German Connective Tissue Massage

William Prelle, LMT, Bachelor of Science, Psychology U of WA

William combines the life sciences into a valuable and enjoyable healing art, since 1977. He was a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher for 22 years, a long-time swimming coach, and studied pre-physical therapy in college. In his massage treatments, William offers depth without distress, and talks to the muscles on a first name basis with his clients. He's known for his poetry and lyricism with his yoga teaching and massage practice. He and Cheryl together have taught many classes and workshops at Fairhaven School of Massage, Spectrum School of Massage, and at American Massage Therapy Association – WA Conventions.

A Touch of Wellness

Leah Clark, LMT

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Leah graduated from Brenneke School of Massage with her Expanded Professional Massage License in 1999. Her training specialized in the treatment of injury and rehabilitation in a hospital-based setting. 

For over ten years, Leah lived in the Virgin Islands as an active businesswoman and principal stakeholder in the massage community. Owning and operating multiple businesses in the Caribbean cultivated her skills to effectively navigate difficult situations with sensitivity. She participates with multiple local organizations that promote positive community involvement and cultural competency. 

Collaborating with the Liddle Kidz Foundation, Leah is a Certified Infant Massage Teacher and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist. She continued her specialization with massage training for autism, cerebral palsy, and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Leah then joined the Liddle Kidz Foundation as a Global Ambassador traveling throughout Vietnamese orphanages teaching massage to their medical staff and caregivers. She then completed her training with the Office of Education Ombudsman (OEO) in Washington State where she participated in their first parent advocacy training becoming a certified parent advocate. Leah also completed certification to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) through the Whatcom County Court system to better support families and their children’s wellbeing. 

She was awarded her BA in Touch Therapy: Revitalizing Children’s Health from Western Washington University’s Fairhaven College. Leah partnered with Valley Kids Therapy, a pediatric physical therapy office, for over eleven years specializing in the treatment of neurological and physical disabilities. In 2014, Leah introduced Neurofeedback Therapy into her practice with an emphasis in overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). She supports individuals and families suffering from neurological and trauma disorders with tremendous benefits through this modality of neuroscience. 

Uniting her vision with an exceptional team of healthcare providers, Leah partnered with the North Cascades Massage Connection (NCMC). Committing seven years as the Education Chair for the NCMC continuing education seminars, Leah has established herself as a prominent event organizer for massage therapy in NW Washington. With a master’s in education from Concordia University, Leah’s educational expertise bolstered the cultivation and execution of the monthly continuing education seminars. 

Leah’s care and concern for others, blended with massage and neurofeedback therapy, has enhanced the lives of countless individuals and families. Her ongoing perseverance, knowledge, and commitment to her field sets a standard of care that promotes wellbeing throughout the community. 


Cheryl was the first licensed massage therapist and Whatcom county, and these two pioneers were some of the first licensed practitioners in massage therapy in Washington state. Cheryl and William or two of the main founders and leaders of walking counties 30 years long and still continuing, professional massage association known as North Cascade massage connection. They also have served on the advisory board for white community colleges state accredited massage therapy training program since its inception in 2002. The licensing of massage therapy nationwide did much to increase the viability of natural healing and peoples experience, and helped to substantiate a more holistic approach to health care.

Healing Philosophy

Holistic healing has not just been a 45 year career path for them, it is their great life's work and purpose to be healthy and happy, and to assist others to be healthy and happy. Greatly influenced by the social revolution of the 60's and 70's, they believe in inspiring and teaching people to take responsibility for their own health. Their skills lie not only in helping their clients physically feel better, but also helping them find the underlying reasons for their discomfort and pain. Many wonderful community members have traveled through their doors. William and Cheryl have much appreciated their support of Fairhaven Massage and Therapy Center.

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Why Choose Us?

Fairhaven Massage & Therapy Center in Bellingham offers a variety of massage therapy treatments while providing a calm, quiet environment for optimal relaxation and healing. Along with our therapies, we also encourage attention to proper nutrition, exercise, and positive mental attitudes.
Our treatments have helped hundreds experience deeper relaxation, better sleep, and a more balanced flow of energy. Schedule an appointment today discover him massage can help you

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Our Therapies

You can always count on Fairhaven Massage & Therapy Center in Bellingham, WA to provide a calm, quiet environment for optimal relaxation and healing. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking through some stress, not for a variety of massage therapy treatments to fit your needs.

Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage works with soft tissues and muscles in the body to help restore balance and health. It takes several kinds of massage techniques and rolls him into one, including needing, stroking, friction, and more. Using oil applied to the body, this form of massage combines caring touch with the knowledge of moving muscles, skin, and connective tissue. Swedish massage offers a lot of benefits:

• Improves circulation and posture

• Provides relief from muscle spasm, pain, and soreness

• Helps your body make better use of nutrients

• Increases joint mobility and flexibility

• Facilitates faster recovery from muscle fatigue or injuries

Medical Massage

Corrective medical massage is ideal after an auto accident, repetitive strain, sports injuries, and more. Massage has proven to be a major aid in recovery from softest tissue damage and dysfunction. This form of treatment helps to get you back on the job or back to your normal activities faster. Athletes, artists, dancers, musicians, and many more have seen their performance improve after working with us. Often, we can help you find long-term solutions for:

• Back and neck pain

• Sciatica

• Headaches

• Carpal Tunnel

• Sports, auto, and work related injuries

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps athletes, dancers, and other active movers enjoy a longer, more active sports career. This technique helps to quickly release soreness from overused muscles and help injuries heal faster. This massage blends a variety of techniques to help maximize your performance and prevent future injuries. Some modalities are for relaxation, while others will break up knots in the muscles and improve blood flow. Sports massage offers tons of benefits, some of which include:

• Reduce muscle tension

• Relieve swelling

• Increase flexibility and range of motion

• Improve circulation

• Prevent future injury

Myofascial Release Work

 Physical injury, imbalanced posture and movement habits, emotional tension, and stress can all cause the body to be tense and rigid. Myofascial work uses deep, sensitive pressure to release chronic tension stored in the muscles. This work is very gradual in its depth and intensity to respect the needs of each patient. The release of this tension can help improve your body's natural alignment and posture, which can be the root cause of tension and pain. Deep tissue work can help to:

• Relieve pain

• Improve posture

• Increase range of motion and circulation

• Increase mental and physical awareness

• Increase performance

Jin Shin Do Acupressure

Jin Shin Do means The Way of the Compassionate Spirit. Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure uses verbal body focusing techniques with gentle, yet deep, finger pressure on specific acupoints. His clothes-on method helps relieve stress and can also help with trauma-related problems.

Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of disease. It is a relaxation therapy, and a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical or psychological care. For any persistent pain or symptom, even one that seems minor, we encourage you to consult a medical doctor.

When used along with standard medical treatment, this technique and really assist the healing process, including:

• Release chronic tension

• Balancing the Qi or energy

• Improving vitality

• Increasing well-being

• Decreasing stress



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What Our Customers Say

Cheryl and William are the most skilled massage therapists I have ever met. Cheryl treated my severe pain and nerve impingement symptoms from a herniated cervical disc with secondary muscle spasm. I had 75% decrease in pain and spasm the first visit, 90% decrease after the second visit, and 100% relief after three visits. No more pain meds, I avoided surgery on my neck. Every once in a while it flares up again and one massage treatment clears it up again. Many thanks to them.
- Katherine D.

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William is the most skillful massage therapist I've ever been to in my life, by far! (I've been to many.) He keeps professional records for patient and insurance needs. He has a lifestyle that is really compatible with the business he is in. Honestly, I can't recommend him highly enough.
- Kai A.
Cheryl is the best massage therapist I've ever had a massage with. I highly recommend her. He will come out of her massage a different person. Truly amazing.
- Don H.

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